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Redland Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Redland, the thriving city in Queensland, Australia, where business meets community to create a unique and exciting atmosphere.

Here are some of the best business and community activities in and around Redland:

1. Redland Bay Markets: Held on the third Sunday of every month, Redland Bay Markets are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and for the community to come together. With a range of stalls selling local produce, handmade crafts, and other items, it's a great way to support local businesses and find unique treasures.

2. Redland Art Gallery: The Redland Art Gallery is a must-visit for art lovers. The gallery hosts a range of exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the work of both local and international artists. There are also workshops and events for the community to get involved in, making it a great hub for creativity and artistic expression.

3. Redland City Chamber of Commerce: The Redland City Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for local businesses. With networking events, business training, and advocacy services, it's an essential part of the local business community. The Chamber of Commerce also hosts events and activities throughout the year, providing opportunities for businesses to connect with the community.

4. Redland Bay Hotel: The Redland Bay Hotel is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. With multiple bars, a restaurant, live music, and outdoor seating, it's a great place to relax and enjoy the community atmosphere. The hotel also hosts events and functions, making it a popular location for weddings and other celebrations.

5. Redland City Council: The Redland City Council plays an important role in supporting the local community. With a range of services, including waste management, health, and education, the council works to improve the quality of life for residents in the area. The council also supports a range of community events and activities throughout the year, providing opportunities for the community to come together and celebrate.

Redland is a vibrant community that thrives on the connection between local businesses and the wider community. With a range of events, activities, and businesses to explore, it's a fantastic place to live, work, and play.

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